Thursday, September 4, 2008

An Ideal Agent

Don't we just feel amazing (and willing to pay that extra buck) in case we have are offered personalized service? I guess we do and so we have personal managers. Each time a HNI (High Net-worth Individual) steps into a bank, he is sold a service with a 'personal assistant/agent'.
Why do only the select few HNIs get this kind of benefit and satisfaction? Perhaps its the cost factor. An agent costs money(salary) and the financial institution can not afford to have an agent for a non HNI.
When it seems so obvious, the need for a personalized service seems the right way, what stops us from having a pseudo-personal agent? An artificial agent? Some one over then internet? The agent knows what we do, where we went for our last vacation, who is it that we went with, our last job, our girlfriend (and her birthday) and just does what we humans are ideally expected to do!
Doesn't seem impossible but then is there something we should fear?
I already sense the so called 'what happens to my personal space' and invasion of privacy issues? I say when you could share your wealth information with a human being, what harm could a machine cause? Just that it would help you remember your girlfriends` (or wifes`) birthday on time and might as well help you with other stuff. I really understand the security risks involved with it, but how many of us fear storing our emails in our gmail accounts considering the fact that Google's privacy document (that each gmail user signs) lets them store a copy of all emails sent/received by you (for so called security purposes). If we are not scared storing mails why the hype about everything else?
What are the odds that you wouldn't want this kind of an agent considering that it'd help you each time you log on to the internet by flashing your kind of news, informing about your fav. sports star (say sachin or michael schumacher) or your fav actor (might be SRK for instance).It could also tell you about the time you spent last month visiting all the wrong websites while planning for your vacation(and so would keep you away from such sites).

I'm certainly in favour of having an ideal agent taking care of all of us.... considering our choices. Imagine girls and a machine telling them talking to them all the while they surf.... talking their language....'hey.... doesn't that daimond ring at look so awesome?' and then you'd check to realize that it exactly matches your choice.... (just because the machine can't think by itself.. it only knows how to think your way.. and by now it has started to understand your likes and your taste....). All of this though, might have one impact.... we might just start liking machines more than human beings... and then we'd (or the biotech guys) be designing 'intelligent' human beings..... :)

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Vineet said...

anshum bhaiya, the blogs were a welcome relief, from all those miserable sobbing blogs where people pour their hearts out. what do you say, you should start writing articles for magazines, or maybe start your own magazine or book. by the way this is the first time I'm interestingly reading a blog and replying to it.