Sunday, July 28, 2013

Second Bangalore Apache Solr/Lucene Meetup

After having a rather good first meetup, I, along with Shalin Mangar and Varun Thacker organised the second one for the Bangalore Apache Solr/Lucene community on the 27th July, 2013. The meetup group has gone up from 85 odd members, around the time of the first meetup, a month and a half ago, to almost 200.

Though we weren't able to get the same venue as last time i.e. Microsoft Accelerator, due to availability issues, we'd like to thank Flipkart for providing us with more than what we bargained for. From a nice space to host the event to constant flow of breakfast and coffee.

Talking about the event, the audience, like last time was a mixed bag. Though there were more than a few people who were completely new to Solr and actually very few who were advanced Solr users, it was good to have as many people take interest in the Apache Lucene/Solr project.

Shalin Shekhar Mangar from LucidWorks, started the talks for the day with a short talk on 'Introduction to Solr' that enabled newbies in the audience to relate to most of the things that were spoken through the rest of the day. He also  demoed people a working Solr instance, the admin interface and the document upload from UI (new in Solr 4.4).

This was followed by a talk by Venkatesh Prasanna from Infosys Technologies. He spoke about 'Knowledge Management at Infosys' and how they use Solr and Nutch within Infosys.

Flipkart didn't just give us a venue but also a talk about what happens in Flipkart Search, along with some insight on e-commerce search challenges in general. Umesh Prasad and Thejus VM spoke about their architecture and why the vector space model doesn't work for them.

The last talk of the day by Jaideep Dhok from Inmobi kept people interested until we called it a day. Talking about "DIY Percolator using Lucene", he highlighted possibilities, use cases and also demoed his code.

All in all, it was a productive day and I assume everyone found it worth waking up early, on a Saturday morning.

In case you're interested in attending these events, feel free to join the meetup group [here]. Also, if you would want to present at the next meetup, kindly drop me a line.

P.S: The presentations from the meetup should up soon. Also, we are figuring out if the video recording (specially audio) quality was good enough to be uploaded and shared. If we end up posting those, I'll share the links at the meetup page.